About IDW Entertainment


IDW Entertainment “IDWE,” the independent television development, production, and distribution company, has developed a fresh and innovative model for content development that emphasizes the value and importance of creative talent who are developing their own literary projects for television and the commitment to collaborate with the creative community overall.

Since IDW Entertainment’s official launch in December 2013, the company has successfully debuted Wynonna Earp, named among the 20 Best New TV Shows of 2016 by Variety, on Syfy in the U.S., Spike TV in the U.K. and Australia, and Netflix globally; and Dirk Gently, based on the best-selling comic novels by Douglas Adams and starring Sam Barnett and Elijah Wood, on BBC America in the U.S. and the rest of the world on Netflix. Both series are returning for a second season in 2017.

The Company’s flexibility in forging new models for funding, developing, producing and distributing television content around the globe, with each project getting its own, highly personalized model, is a huge benefit, and appeals greatly to the creative community it courts. IDW has created strategic creative partnerships with proven authors like Jonathan Kellerman, creator of the best-selling Alex Delaware detective novel series, who is working with IDWE on developing a series based on his Delaware novels; Joe Hill, creator of the popular comic book series Locke and Key, who has written a pilot for the same named series, and which was recently picked up by Hulu; and creative talents like Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo, who is collaborating with IDWE on developing The Devil, a series based on the real-life misdeeds of British gangster Stephen “The Devil” French.

Maintaining a major ownership position in the properties it develops, IDWE works collaboratively with creators and key series launch partners to maximize awareness and audience reach. At the same time, IDWE protects the rights of its creative partners by retaining control of worldwide rights for global media platform licensing, including ancillary revenue streams through EST, SVOD, and DVD options, as well as through the development of branded licensing and merchandising programs.

As a division of IDW Media Holdings, Inc., IDW Entertainment has access to a cache of intellectual properties at the ready for potential development through its sister entity, IDW Publishing, the mega comic book and graphic novel publisher.

This connection also provides IDW Entertainment with a wealth of marketing support. This can include the initiation of a graphic novel series to introduce and/or support a television series, offering the creative community a new way to develop outside the traditional system. This strategy is being used to launch The Devil. The relationship can also support creators in terms of advertising and promotion through the various IDW Publishing titles, marketing new series to existing fan bases and through events like Comic-Con that appeal to targeted segments of today’s online and cable audiences. For example, in preparation for Wynonna Earp’s debut on SyFy, IDW Entertainment promoted the series by placing ads in most of the 90 titles published each month by IDW Publishing. The result brought a staggering 42% increase in new viewers to Syfy for the series debut, and catapulted the show into double-digit growth for the time period.

In 2017 and beyond, IDWE will continue to utilize IDW Publishing’s vast catalog as well as continue to forge new creative partnerships to create compelling entertainment content for global distribution.

IDW Media Holdings Inc.

IDW Media Holdings, Inc. (OTC – QX: IDWM), is a fully integrated media company comprised of IDW Publishing (publisher of original and licensed comic books and graphic novels), IDW Games (including international phenomenon Machi Koro as well as licensed games for X-Files, Back to the Future, The Godfather and TMNT), IDW Entertainment, the independent television development, production and distribution studio; and CTM Media Group, a leader of Visitor Out Of Home marketing services providing in-market advertising services to travelers and tourists through over 18,000 Visitor Information locations in 28 US states and O

Ted Adams


Ted Adams, CEO

Ted Adams is one of the founding partners of IDW Publishing and currently serves as the company’s CEO and Publisher. Since starting in 1999, the company has seen annual increases in both gross sales and market share in the comic book direct market and is currently recognized as the #1 supplier of licensed comic books to the North American comic book marketplace.

Under Adams leadership, IDW Publishing has won numerous industry awards including receiving the coveted “Publisher of the Year” award from Diamond Comic Distributors on five separate occasions as well as multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards.

Adams was recently ranked as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful People in Comics by Bleeding Cool magazine and has been the keynote speaker and honored guest at numerous major comic and comic professional events including the Diamond Retailer and ComicsPRO summits.

To date, Adams has successfully negotiated the company’s film and tv deals, including 30 Days of Night (2007, Sony), Dark Days (2010, Sony), Remains (2011, Chiller), and Locke & Key (2011, Fox). The 30 Days of Night movie successfully premiered as the #1 movie it’s opening weekend in 2007. 

Current IDW titles in development include World War Robot (Disney/Bruckheimer), Zombies vs. Robots (Sony/Platinum Dunes, Lore (Warner Brothers) and Locke & Key (Kurtzman/Orci, Universal). Adams serves as Executive Producer on all IDW projects.

Mr. Adams received an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

David Ozer

David Ozer, President

David Ozer, President

Leveraging the tremendous experience garnered through various executive positions he has held with traditional television companies like Sony Pictures Television, DIC Entertainment, Starz and RHI Entertainment over the past 30 years, it’s David Ozer’s passion for the creative process and commitment to collaboration with the authors, writers, directors, artists, actors, producers and other talented members of the creative community that distinguishes him and IDW Entertainment “IDWE” from other studios vying for networks and the audience’s attention.

Launching IDWE as its President in December of 2013, Ozer, with the support of IDW Publishing founder and CEO Ted Adams, spearheads the independent mini-studio’s overall operations which are devoted to developing, producing and distributing fresh and engaging content that appeals to a broad cross section of the global audience, especially millennials who may be fans of the nearly 90 comic book and graphic novels published monthly by the company’s sister division, IDW Publishing.

In its first three years of operation under Ozer’s leadership, IDW Entertainment has successfully introduced two series– Wynonna Earp, named among the 20 Best New TV Shows of 2016 by Variety, debuted on Syfy in the U.S. Spike TV in the UK and Australia and Netflix globally; and Dirk Gently, based on the cult classic novels by Douglas Adams and starring Sam Barnett and Elijah Wood, on BBC America in the U.S. and Netflix internationally–as both traditional network series and as subscription on-demand content through Netflix. Ozer earned Executive Producer credits on both series, which are returning for a second season in 2017.

Sourcing the works of such celebrated authors as Jonathon Kellerman, creator of the popular Alex Delaware detective series, and Douglas Adams, creator of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, as well as the creators of graphic novels like Locke & Key’s writer Joe Hill, Ozer takes pride in forging unique development, production and distribution partnerships and models designed to suit the specific needs of each individual project. This also appeals to the creative community he collaborates with to bring the projects to fruition.

Explains Ozer, “As an independent, we can work with anybody, be creative on our deal making, which means no two deals are the same. That really makes a significant difference from an artist’s perspective.”

Ozer’s passion for the creative process was inspired while working as Executive Vice President of Television at Starz Media, a post he held from 2005 through 2008. “We were set up like an independent studio, developing content and funding our own projects.”

It was during this time in his career that he also transitioned from domestic television sales — he had previously held VP and SVP Sales positions with Sony Pictures Television and DIC Entertainment, to international sales and co-production negotiations. He recalls this period as a turning point in his career, creating an opportunity to learn how all the pieces fit together and how to insure that multiple partners on a project can each get what they need.

From Starz, Ozer went on to serve as SVP of Domestic Television at RHI Entertainment (2010 to 2012) and then transitioned over to Sonar Entertainment in 2012 to serve as its head of worldwide distribution, before joining IDW to head its Entertainment unit.